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Ip Over Serial Solution

MultiNet is a communications module that provides GE Multilin serial ModBus IEDs with ModBus TCP/IP communications over Ethernet, allowing connection to fiber optic LAN and WAN network systems. MultiNet has the capability to connect up to 32 serial ModBus devices eliminating complex wiring and additional communications converters, and providing a streamlined and economical Ethernet hub. Unlike most communications converters that are designed for commercial use, MultiNet is environmentally hardened to withstand severe utility and industrial conditions.

Ip Over Serial Solution


Serial IP, serial internet protocol, is an encapsulation of the internet protocol designed to work over serial ports and modem connections. Serial IP automatically makes TCP/IP connections to the serial server and relays the virtual COM port data stream and control actions. This device also uses virtual COM ports instead of local physical COM ports. Remote serial devices on TCP/IP networks use Serial IP virtual COM ports that behave like local physical COM ports. Serial IP automatically logs in to servers, using multiple credential sources, supports SSL/TLS connections using Open SSL and its settings and trace logs can be restricted to administrators.

This device enables you remote access and the ability to control and manage any serial device over an IP network or the internet. Serial IP is used to convert serial asynchronous data from an RS232 and RS422. It is normally found in 1 port or multiport models and includes a network interface. Comtrol, an extremely innovative company providing high quality networking and industrial data communication products, is a product expert in serial connectivity technologies and specialized application systems. Our products are widely used to connect and control peripheral serial devices within embedded systems to local servers. As a corporation we pride ourselves in providing the greatest customer and sales support. Contact a sales representative today to order or to learn more about products and devices now. Our trained sales team will work with you to ensure you are getting the highest quality connection device to fulfill your needs.

Tibbo offers two categories of SoI devices:The first category comprises earlier fixed-function Device Servers and serial-to-Ethernet modules that were designed exclusively for running our SoI firmware.

Our serial-over-IP (SoI) application defines 15 different configurations or "port mappings" to choose from, starting from a standard single-channel configuration (RX, TX, CTS, RTS, DSR, DTR, and DCD) and ending with the 3.5-channel setup (RX, TX, RX2, TX2, RX3, TX3, and RX4).

Here are the main features of the serial-over-IP (SoI) application designed for our BASIC/C-programmable devices(fixed-function Device Servers and serial-to-Ethernet modules have a similar set of features):

The Serial-over-IP (SoI) firmware created for our programmable devices is open-source*!It is written in Tibbo BASIC, using a development software called Tibbo IDE (TIDE).It is but one of the applications we published with full source codes.

A Terminal Server, also known as Serial Server, connects devices with a USB, RS232, RS422, or RS485 serial interface to a local area network for transmission of serial data over Ethernet to network server applications. The most common application for Terminal Servers is out-of-band management of routers, switches, and firewalls as an efficient way to recover equipment when the network is down. It serves as a single hardware solution for a secure alternate route to monitor IT, networking, security, and power devices from multiple vendors. Terminal Servers have physical wired or wireless (LTE or WiFi) network connection on one side, and one or more serial ports on the other side. While some Serial Terminal Servers can be very simple devices, it is best practice to use a Terminal Server with advanced security functionality, data encryption, and user authentication to ensure network data transmissions, and access to network equipment, is protected.

A Perle IOLAN Terminal Server is perfect for Engineers and Project Managers that require a high performance, IPv6 compatible, Serial to Ethernet solution. They have all of the advanced security functionality needed to perform secure remote data center management and out-of-band management of IT assets from anywhere in the world. In addition, with innovative TrueSerial Technology, Perle IOLAN Terminal Servers are the only products to guarantee authentic serial communications and maintain device protocol integrity across Ethernet. This makes them ideal for networking async devices such as POS terminals, PBX's, card readers, and a wide variety of industrial equipment to TCP/IP Ethernet.

Perle's cloud-based centralized management solution puts all your network and IT infrastructure into a single application and provides secure reliable access and visibility during normal operations and critical network failures. Scalable to suit any business requirement, Cloud Centralized Management reduces human error and guarantees repeatability.

Devices at field sites have multiple interfaces and use different communication protocols, making connectivity complex and challenging for engineers. Moxa has more than 30 years of expertise in connectivity to enable reliable network solutions for customers. With our comprehensive serial-to-Ethernet product portfolio, we have the solutions to simplify and execute any of your connectivity demands.

Our NPort and MGate Series of products support both CLI and GUI type of management tools. See our following product support list to find the right solution to make device management simple and easy.

When using the right solution, getting multiple types and a large number of serial devices connected can be easy. With our more than 30 years of expertise in serial connectivity, we simplify your serial-to-Ethernet solutions.

The days of headaches over managing a large number of devices are over. Moxa has mass device management tools that ease your pain. Tools such as MXconfig, an intuitive network configuration tool, or MCC, a CLI configuration tool, can meet any device management requirement that your system might have. Check out our video to learn more.

Serial over Ethernet Connector is one of the leading solutions in the market of serial over IP software. The program has been developed by Electronic Team for sharing RS232, RS422, and RS485 ports over TCP/IP or UDP channels. This utility supports serial over Ethernet protocol, which allows redirecting real and virtual COM interfaces over local networks.

The next solution is able to share virtual serial ports over Ethernet as well. It is called TCP-Com. TCP-Com is a simple app that can convert RS232 serial data to TCP/IP data and vice versa. This app will be a big help for those who want to communicate with serial devices via TCP/IP port connections.

Advanced Virtual COM Port is a useful utility for serial communications across the network. The app offers powerful features to create virtual COM ports and share real ones for remote access. This serial to Ethernet software helps to establish connections via a virtual null-modem cable locally or through a TCP/IP network.

SerialToIP is a Terminal server software which allows you to establish a connection with a device attached to a serial port over LAN or the Internet using well-supported TCP socket communications. This project is designed as a free solution. The working code it offers is plain and clear to understand.

HelpWire saves technical support teams time and money by enabling remote connectivity to client computers and USB devices from a centralized location. It uses advanced port virtualization to enable full control of devices connected to network-attached serial ports.

Once the connection is established, the support technician can diagnose the problem and provide a resolution. When finished, the session which automatically terminates the connection to the peripheral device.

A direct TCP or UDP connection can be created between two Tibbo Device Servers. Thanks to this outstanding feature you can create a virtual connection through serial channels within a single room, a building and even globally.

HW VSP is a dedicated serial over IP software driver used for providing an operating system with virtual serial interfaces. This solution can easily forward any data from a virtual COM port to a hardware serial port over IP. A user just needs to specify the IP address and port number in the software settings. HW VSP is able to run as an NT service suitable for servers.

Although this driver can be used as a stand-alone app, it often comes together with a hardware RS232 over IP converter (e.g. PortBox2). When used together with the hardware, HW VSP software allows changing the connection parameters like the speed and parity, controlling all digital outputs and inputs, and more.

A hardware RS232 to Ethernet converter (adapter) is a simple and cost-effective way to quickly connect RS-232/RS-422/RS485 equipment to a computer via Ethernet network. Serial to Ethernet adapters allow you to share COM ports over the network without using any programs for the computer, which saves the cost of software development. A Serial Device Server is an efficient solution for remote controlling and monitoring of the status of your RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 devices over Ethernet.

The problems that can be solved using Serial Servers can be divided into local and network ones. The first type covers issues related to connecting a certain device via a serial interface to a workstation not equipped with a COM port. The second type can be described as sharing serial interfaces or COM-based equipment over Ethernet network.

Hardware Serial to Ethernet converters is a wide class of devices which are included in the product range of many manufacturers of communication equipment. These solutions can be called RS485 to Ethernet adapters, consoles, or device servers and can fit a different number of serial ports depending on the model.


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