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Artemy Biryukov
Artemy Biryukov

Control Z Drama 2020 0h 36m 6.9 [Extra Quality]

But his search for the truth puts him and his daughter in danger. He goes on a vengeance mission to protect the only family he has left. Sweet young Girl is a moving flick, and the best thing about it is the raw emotion shown by the memorable characters. This is one of the best films on the list of best drama movies on Netflix.

Control Z Drama 2020 0h 36m 6.9


However, when a mission spins out of control, Sam has to choose whether to turn on The Firm or protect an 8-year-old-girl. With a target on her back, she turns to her mother and her former assassins. This movie is having the best writer-director and is one of the best action movies on Netflix.

After We, Collided is one of those movies that you watch just for the fun of it. It features cliches and young adult adventures, but it has a dramatic romance with great drama ratings and laughable dialogue moments. 041b061a72


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