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Nolan Garcia

How to Convert Your Old VHS Tapes to DVDs with EZ Grabber 2 and Windows 7

Hi I have a problem with my EZcap unit, the contrast is way to much. I already tried the acutal fix for it which is to run a command that when the player is turned on the contrast is low and when it is turned off it is high in the script and then restarting the player, but I don't know how to run a command to make the contrast low, and I don't know how to do it with the windows driver and the changes that it has in the settings, I think that there might be a way with the windows driver because the contrast is not that bad, but on VLC it is like theres no contrast at all and the only way to fix it is to change the gamma which is inside VLC and if I go and change it there it just doesnt work and does nothing. I'm sure theres some easy way to fix it, but I don't know what to do at this point. Any help

ez grabber 2 driver windows 7

Ever since using a Palm Treo 700p, I've been looking for the best way to capture video from this device. I've been using Windows Media Player, which works, but is just as big a hog as you would expect.

I purchased Ezgrabber in order to transfer video taken with the Palm from it to a different computer. It worked fairly well at first. The problem I encountered was with it not being the right resolution and being a PAL device (as far as I know), I couldn't get it to work with PAL capture cards. I was able to get a NTSC card working though. I then discovered how to swap the PAL and NTSC capture functions and found that the PAL function actually worked great for the majority of my video sources, but when I had a PAL/NTSC video source, it wouldn't work at all.


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