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Another advantage of sigma-delta is that the minimum pulse width is one sampling-clock period, even for signal conditions approaching full modulation. This eases gate-driver design and allows safe operation to theoretical full power. Nonetheless 1-bit sigma-delta modulation is not often used in Class D amplifiers (Further Reading 4) because conventional 1-bit modulators are only stable to 50% modulation. Also, at least 64 oversampling is needed to achieve sufficient audio-band SNR, so typical output data rates are at least 1 MHz and power efficiency is limited.

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The AD1994 Class D audio power amplifier combines two programmable-gain amplifiers, two sigma-delta modulators, and two power-output stages to drive full H-bridge-tied loads in home theater-, automotive-, and PC audio applications. It generates switching waveforms that can drive stereo speakers at up to 25 W per speaker, or a single speaker to 50 W monophonic, with 90% efficiency. Its single-ended inputs are applied to a programmable-gain amplifier (PGA) with gains settable to 0-, 6-, 12-, and 18 dB, to handle low-level signals.

The device has integrated protection against output-stage hazards of overheating, overcurrent, and shoot-through current. There are minimal clicks and pops associated with muting, thanks to special timing control, soft start, and dc offset calibration. Specifications include 0.001% THD, 105-dB dynamic range, and >60 dB PSR, using continuous-time analog feedback from the switching output stage and optimized output stage gate drive. Its 1-bit sigma-delta modulator is especially enhanced for the Class D application to achieve average data frequency of 500 kHz, with high loop gain to 90% modulation, and stability to full modulation. A standalone modulator mode allows it to drive external FETs for higher output power.


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