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Download The Wishing Tree The Movie

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Later, while Muriel and Courage are sitting outside next to the tree, Eustace intends to go to the picture show, claiming that he isn't wanted around the farm. Muriel wishes that she and Courage could see a movie, and this causes a projector to form out of the branches, which starts playing a horror movie. Eustace notices this from the truck and tries to ram it into the tree. Muriel stops him, and explains that the tree is providing for them, which Eustace says is his job. Later, when Muriel and Courage have gone to bed, Eustace comes back out to take the rocking chair inside, insults the tree, and wishes that Muriel had a bigger head so that "she'd know better."

One of the best things about having a Netflix account is having the ability to download some shows and movies onto your mobile device. This feature is a godsend if you're taking a long car ride or flight and need something to fill the time, or if you want to watch away from a WiFi network without eating your mobile data for the month.


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